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Gold Sphynx Creations innovation Always


What We Make


Among our best sellers our Ring Animals which are and always do a great success, to have it or as a gift it is guaranteed.Possibility of personalized ring. send us your picture in the head and we will create it for you


Gold sphynx creation pendant and also customizable on request a pendant to your taste as you wish or on an existing one. Send us your creative wishes.

The scarab pendant and the dolphin kisses in the shape of a heart are always popular


Gold sphynx sculpture are elegant, magical and will give you an extra style in your office, bedroom or living room, customizable sculpture on order is also possible. Contact us your desires of creation that can become real.

What we do

Handmad Jewelry Made With Love

A jewelry, ring model or sculpture created begins on a white sheet and is drawn, model it by computer in 3d face by face of polygons for several hours, print a first time to see if there is any need to adjust or retouch then print on different materials, the jewel, the sculpture becomes real and it is quickly adopted by you.